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Snipe Server is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. From mobile games, PC, MMO to Social and Console games, Snipe Server gives you everything you need to build a complete game server to handle your logic. For more information on licensing terms, check out our ToU. Restrictions are minimal, so you can dive right into making your project without worry.

General Information

What are the system requirements for Snipe Server? Linux operating system with the following packages installed:

Haxe programming language 3.1+ (needed only for development)

Neko interpreter 2.0+ with nPostgres module

PostgreSQL 9.0+

Apache 2.0+ with mod_neko (for running the web editor)

What support resources are available? Start with the first steps, official wiki and API reference. Join the Forums and the Blog site to participate in our community. These are community resources, and though Mini IT does participate, we don't guarantee answers to individual questions (except for when premium support package was purchased). What platforms are supported? Snipe Server enables all developers to deploy server-side for projects built on HTML5, Unity, Flash, iOS, Android, Windows PC and Linux. You can run the web editor on any major browser on a desktop PC. What licensing options are there? We have three main options:
  • Development Environment (We provide free dev environment)
  • Binary Package (We give an executable binary)
  • Source Code (Access to full source code)
What does free development environment mean? Limit 10 CCU, Access to editor, you can transfer development data to production with binary package option. What is included in binary package? Access to Snipe Server binary is given from the moment you create an account and pay the subscription fee. You will continue receiving regular updates till you choose to cancel the subscription. This option is an excellent choice if you don't plan to modify the source, it's super-useful. You can transfer data from the development environment and use it with the binary on your own hardware. What does the source code license include? You can request the source code from GitHub after you pay the one-time fee. Access to full source code includes both access to regular updates and to live source code changes. How do I submit Snipe server code changes back? GitHub is our channel through which contributors can fork and modify the server code. Source code changes when you check in at GitHub and will be visible to the community. If you submit a pull request, we'll review it and consider inclusion of your code into mainline Snipe server. How much do I have to pay for Snipe Server? Snipe Server Binary costs 99€ per month for developer. The license for the source code is calculated individually. Premium support service is available for 1500€ per month. You should also put our logo on the client loading screen (link). If you want to remove it, you have to pay 1500€ per project (one-time payment). You'll find the detailed description of all terms in ToU. I'm a consultant. Do I owe royalties on consulting fees? No.

Releasing Products

What kinds of products can I release with Snipe Server? You can release any product that is allowed by law. The only parts of the Snipe Server you can't release to the general public are the source code and tools or modifications to them; these components may only be distributed to other licensees with access to the same version of the Snipe Server. Can I use the Snipe server if I cancel my subscription? If you unsubscribe, the continued use of our service and making a profit from your project is illegal.

Source Code

What modifications can I make to the source code? You can extend it, modify it, fork it, or integrate it with other software or libraries, with one exception: You can't combine the Snipe Server code with code covered by a “Copyleft" license agreement which would directly or indirectly require the Snipe Server to be governed by terms other than the ToU. Can I share the Snipe Server source code or tools with others? No. Can I copy and paste the Snipe server code into my own project or engine? If you use any Snipe server code in your product (even just a little), then your entire product is governed by the ToU. Can I study and learn from the Snipe server code, and then utilize that knowledge in writing my own game or competing engine? Yes, as long as you don't copy any of the code. Code is copyrighted, but knowledge is free! Can I share code snippets online? Snipe Server licensees are permitted to post engine code snippets (up to 30 lines) in a public forum, but only for the purpose of discussing the content of the snippet.


What happens when I send feedback to Mini IT? Mini IT welcomes your feedback and code or other content submissions. If you send code and/or content to us, you need to have all the necessary rights to send it to us. However you send it, we will own it, and can (but don't have to) use it in the Snipe Server. Regardless of whether we use it, you can still use it (as long as it is in a way allowed by the ToU). At any given time you are welcome to see our development roadmap and vote on the features you're most interested in seeing next!

Educational Use

Can I teach Snipe Server in my classroom? Mini IT enthusiastically supports educational use of Snipe Server! For detailed information about the opportunities, see our ToU. If you're ready to teach Snipe Server, please get in touch. What provisions does the Snipe Server (ToU) make for educational use? Besides all of the free, friendly, and accessible terms for general use of Snipe Server, academic institutions are authorized to install Snipe Server on any of their computers (e.g. in computer labs), and all users of those computers can access the engine. What does this mean for students who wish to release Snipe Server projects commercially? Students who choose to make their class projects as commercial games are under the same ToU terms as other Snipe Server developers. They have to purchase subscription for the services. Can I create official documentation and textbooks? Yes. We'd love to hear about any contributions you'd like to make. Please utilize our resources and share information with the community. You can kick off discussions about this on the forums, chat with us through email or add to the Wiki.